What does this service do?

This service allows you to use a single account to log on to a range of compatible web sites. The level of access you have once you have logged on will depend upon the site itself and will vary from site to site.

Which web sites currently use this service?

The following sites are currently using this service:

There is also an older version of this service which is used by these sites:

The older version of this service does not match the high level of accessibility of this version.

How do I set up an account?

You should visit one of the sites listed in the "Which web sites currently use this service" section and follow their registration procedures. Please note that all of the sites listed have specific policies that limit who they will accept registrations from.


This service uses encryption to protect your email address and password when you log on or change your password. Your password is held securely in our database.

However, if you have forgotten your password and have requested that a new one is sent to you by email, we recommend that you change it as soon as possible because email is not a secure means of communication.


A cookie is a small piece of information that is shared by your web browser and a web site. A cookie allows a web site to remember things such as text you have entered and choices you have made.

Cookies are usually stored on your computer's hard disk when you close your browser, but some (so-called "session cookies"), are deleted from your computer when you close your browser. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can alter the settings of your web browser to prevent automatic acceptance, you can delete cookies easily, and you can change your browser settings even to refuse cookies alltogether. See your browser's help pages to learn more about allowing or blocking cookies.

This service does not require you to use cookies in order to log in to compatible sites, but if you do allow it to set cookies you can save yourself some typing, e.g.

  • If your browser allows the site to set session cookies the site will be able to log you in to compatible sites without you having to re-enter your email address and password more than once during a session - this is called "Single Sign On".
  • If your browser allows this site to set longer-lived cookies, it will be able to remember your email address between visits.
Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request that a new one is sent to the email address that you registered with from the Forgotten Password page.

If you can't remember the email address that you registered with please complete the Contact Us form and we will try and help you.

Want to change your password?

If you want to change your password to something more memorable to you, you should visit the Change password page.


We take accessibility very seriously. This service has been developed to meet the highest standard of accessibility. If you experience any problems please let us know.

Who provides this service?

This service is provided by Hyperspheric Solutions Ltd.